Goodbye for now

On Saturday, March 9th the occupation was evicted after being given an eviction order and injunction.  In the end, 10 activists were carried out while hundreds of supporters rallied outside.

The occupation was a powerful experience for many of the people involved.  We felt strongly that an occupation with feminist principles and motivations was a long time coming.  Some of us have been involved in feminist activism in various forms, and have found the divisions within the various feminist movements stifling.  Others of us have have been involved in different occupations and social movements and found the feminist basis of the occupation a welcome relief which provided a platform to build from.  For many others of us, our involvement in social justice movements (against cuts, for abortion rights, fighting violence against women, opposing criminalisation and prisons amongst other things) found space to come together with other types of activism in the space.

We brought our friends, our childrens, comrades and made new friends and built hopefully lasting alliances with people we may never have met.   We debated, created, and danced.

The importance of a feminist identified and organised occupation should not be forgotten, and we hope to bring forward some thoughts into other movements.  In that spirit, we are writing reflections on the occupation and welcome contributions from anyone who was involved.   There will also be a public meeting where people can discuss the reflections and think about ways of moving forward.  To get involved email us:

For an audio recap of the weekend see Occupy London


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